Communication Solutions

We develop and offer to our customers our communication channels, which can be applied for various contents, thus generating certain mobility between your company and its customers, and are oriented to maximize your income, to improve your corporate image, or the image of a certain product or service, resulting in a closer partnership with your customers.

You can create interaction between your customer and your company through our bidirectional SMS interconnection platform, which can interface with all the telephone companies in the country.


An SMS with pre-recorded or live information of interest for the end user requires sending a text message to a short code plus a key word.

Script Creation

This tool allows the visualization through TV, Giant Screens, Social Networks, Scrolls, etc, programmed information or information sent through SMS using a script creator.

SMS Downloads

Through this tool multimedia content from web pages can be downloaded using an access code via SMS.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway allows our customers to send SMS messages to a mobile phone from a web page.

SMS Push

This allows the user to receive a text message with the URL by routing the web browser from the smart phone to the web page.
You can contact your customer quickly and in record time by sending outgoing Text Messages through our platform.

SMS Banking

This instrument is applicable for sending mass information via SMS through a Data Base. It is aimed at bank customers and users of financial services.

SMS Insurance

This is applicable for collections reminders and policy expirations. It is intended for the insurance sector.

SMS Education

This tool allows your institution to have a direct communication with the student body, turning itself into an instrument for real time notifications about different topics of interest. This is aimed at schools, institutions, universities, and educational centers in general.

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