Products and/or Services

This is an information service available in Venezuela 24 hours a day, 365 days per year through land lines, mobile phones, fax, email and SMS. It offers a broad and diverse, permanently updated Database at low cost, thus saving time and effort for the customer.

This is a voice technological platform via IVR or VolP that offers 0-900 lines recorded or pre-recorded messages for offering the users value added services represented in a variety of products. Our platform allows simultaneous incoming calls. Our system is designed for remote recording at any time. The information is stored in our computer and available in real time for your customers or users.


This is a technological platform for Short Message Services for digital mobile phones for sending short text messages (alphanumeric). Our technological platform allows effective integration and interaction with your customers and/or users, through a bidirectional communication in real time.

Contact Center

This is a call center, assisted by specially trained operators, for making and/or receiving calls from and/or to customers (internal and external), commercial allies or others. The Contact Center is designed to receive and transmit a large volume of calls and contacts through telephones, or any other additional channel, such as: fax, email, chat, SMS, multimedia messages, etc. This tool is useful for telemarketing, customer assistance, market research, event organization, etc.

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