Social Responsibilities

We at WTFE are aware of our commitment with our community; therefore we have clear goals regarding our active contribution toward social, economic and environmental improvement of our country.

Thus we pleased to say that WTFE sponsors the following foundations and organizations as a contribution to our community improvement:

Recycling Campaigns
Recycling Campaigns
We support social and environmentally friendly behavior through the development of paper recycling campaigns in our community, as well as by providing information for environmental protection.
Fundación WTFE César Civetta
Fundación WTFE César Civetta
MISSION: To use technology and knowledge to encourage individual development and improve quality of life through social programs and deeds

VISSION: To be acknowledged as a non-profit organization that develops projects that impact community development and social transformation.
Organización Nacional de Transplante de Venezuela
Organización Nacional de Transplante de Venezuela
MISSION: To promote, furnish, and coordinate transplants and organ donations through a structure dedicated to the research, study and analysis of the tendencies in organ transplants and donations, and the increase in technological, human, and financial resources under adequate management.

VISSION: To become an organization that can provide tissue and human organs to all the patients requiring them in our country.
Fundacion Celiaca
Fundación Celiaca de Venezuela
The purposes of this foundation are to transmit information and encourage research about Celiac Decease, as well as to provide information about nutritional diets based on gluten free food, and keeping patient registry among others.
Asociacion Civil Amigo del Nino Especial
Asociación Civil Amigo del Niño Especial
This non-profit organization is dedicated to provide care for special children born to low income families in the Northwest area of Barquisimeto, through sponsorships and scholarships.

We have supported development and management
of projects with:

This is a social development organization with seat in the city of Valencia, created with the purpose to contribute to the fight against breast cancer through information and prevention campaigns, as well as with “Health Programs” and “Emotional Support Programs”.
Fundacion Excelsior
Fundación Excelsior
This is a non-profit organization that promotes development of education in Venezuela, and the acknowledgement of the best students in the different municipalities.
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