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World Tel-Fax Electronics, C.A. (WTFE) is a pioneering company in the Venezuelan market. It was incorporated in 1992, thus with more than 20 years of market experience. It was one of the first companies to receive a concession of National Value Added Service from the National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL). We currently have business agreements with all the telephone companies of the country, and are the integration company with the highest operation volume.

We have accumulated valuable experience from the numerous customers that use our products, and offer a high level of satisfaction due to the quality and readiness of our services. We are currently known in the market as an innovative company providing products and integral solutions with efficiency and high quality, superiority in customer assistance and services, and supported by cutting-edge technology.

We started operations just with INFOLINE service, as a supplier of information services, basically via telephone. Later, in 2003, with the purpose of keeping up with telecommunications technology, Audio Info business unit was created for handling audio texting (0-900 lines) and text messages (SMS). In 2006, based on the experience obtained from call center services developed from the knowledge, infrastructure and technology from INFOLINE, Contact Center business unit was developed. Its wide technological platform facilitates the provision of services to third parties under outsourcing, which can be personalized depending on the customers’ requirements. In 2008 Multimedia, a new business unit with new and innovative products was created.

In 2012 we extended our product and service range integrating them into technological communication Solutions, which are oriented to the effective interaction with customers and users, in order to satisfy the needs of a constantly evolving market and to facilitate business mobility.

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